A Chemical Found In Nonstick Frying Pans Makes A Man’s MEMBER Small

Over the years nutritionists and health professionals have been warning about the dangers of eating too much fried food.

According to one study, the danger of eating fried foods can be even more damaging to men, since a chemical found in nonstick pans is making men’s penises smaller.

This study will make you think twice about eating a fry.

According to a scientific study conducted in Italy, men may end up with half an inch fewer small penises if their parents were exposed to high levels of a chemical found in nonstick frying pans.

The chemical in question is PFCs

Chemicals called PFCs can interfere with male hormones while in the womb and have been found to potentially lead to a “significantly” shorter and thinner penis.

But it’s not only during pregnancy that these chemicals can have a negative effect on penis development, the researchers found that they could also affect teenage.

The study measured the penises of 383 men, with an average age of 18 years, and was conducted at the University of Padua (Italy), one of the 4 areas of the world that have high levels of contamination by PFCs.

The DR, Andrea Di Nisio, who conducted this research said: “The first report on water pollution by FFPs dates back to 1977, the magnitude of the problem is alarming.

As stated by Dr. The problem affected all young people from 1978 onwards.

The chemical PFCs can be found in food and water, or even breathed. This chemical enters the bloodstream and can be very toxic to the fetus.

As a result, men may have smaller, thinner penises.

More interesting data from the study:

The average flaccid penis of men who were not exposed to “PFCs” is 10 cm – from the pelvis to the tip of the penis.

Meanwhile, the penises of the men who were exposed to “PFCs” are only 8.75 cm long. Their penises were also thinner.

Healthy men’s penis measured 10.3cm circumference and 9.65cm from men exposed to pollution.

The full research was published in the
Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism“.

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